About us

Digital Advertising Studio

DA Studio began in 2015 as a personal project based on our interest in panoramic photography, and specifically in virtual tours and all the possibilities they provide for the promotion of business. We are experts on web design and we use advanced technology in the development of our virtual tours, all in order to provide you with stunning virtual tours that will surprise your customers.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a simulation of a real space in which, through the use of spherical panoramic photographs, is possible to explore a space in all directions (up, down or rotating 360 degrees) just by moving the mouse.

What is the difference between a virtual tour and a photograph?

Unlike traditional photography or video presentations, panoramic photography and virtual tours create a sense of “presence” in the filmed location, i.e., providing a feeling very similar to actually being there. In addition, both traditional photography and videos only show the viewer certain angles, while virtual tours show the viewer the “whole picture”.

Virtual tours are considered by many experts as one of the best forms of advertising in the market, as they are highly attractive and effective for users.

Advantages for your business

  • Generates confidence in visitors because the realism is very high. By showing your accommodation, property, facilities, etc. as it is, you will increase the confidence of your potential clients, reducing the fear of making a mistake.
  • Improves the visitor’s perception and causes expectation.
  • Favors your website’s positioning since it increases the per-page visit time exponentially.
  • Virtual tours multiply between 25 and 30 times the visits to your page, they become the most visited section in any website and they significantly improve the users’ opinion about the product or service shown.